Car Accident

We handle all types of car, truck or other auto accident cases. Read some of our Minnesota Car Accident Case Studies.

Personal Injury

An injury to one’s body or mind. May be grounds for a lawsuit if someone besides the victim is responsible for the injury. We have had many Minnesota Personal Injury cases. Read some of our Personal Injury Case Studies.

Product Liability

A manufacturer, distributor, and seller of product’s responsibility to the public to deliver products that are void of defects that may cause harm to an individual or several people and to make good on that responsibility for faulty products. Read more about Product Liability.

Social Security Disability

Federal program established to supply social benefits such as retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. Read more about Social Security Disability.

Workers’ Compensation

A complex State law system that issues payments for wage loss, permanent partial disability, provides medical care and rehabilitation, regardless of fault, to employees who are injured or disabled during the course of their employment. State law requires the benefits be paid.  Read more about Minnesota Workers’ Compensation.