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Personal Injury Case Study #9 (Auto/Underinsured Motorist)

Our Client had obtained full automobile insurance coverage, including underinsured motorist coverage required by Minnesota statute, while she resided with her family in Minnesota. While residing in Michigan temporarily, she had renewed her auto insurance coverage’s with the same insurer, instructing the Michigan agent to obtain all the same coverage’s she had enjoyed while in Minnesota. Because that insurer did not offer underinsured motorist coverage in Michigan, the renewed insurance coverage did NOT include the underinsured motorist coverage.

After she returned to Minnesota from Michigan, but while the coverage’s obtained in Michigan (without the underinsured motorist coverage) remained in force, our client sustained severe injuries caused by a negligent underinsured motorist. Her claim for underinsured motorist coverage was denied, so we brought suit in US District Court in Minnesota. The trial judge imposed underinsured motorist coverage by operation of law, enabling our client to receive more adequate compensation for her injuries. The total amount paid was well over $200,000.