Do you need umbrella insurance?

Your home and auto insurance policies cover medical bills, lost wages and other costs incurred when a person becomes injured at your home or in a collision with your vehicle. When a serious incident exceeds your coverage limits, however, another party can sue you for the remainder if you were partially or totally at fault…


Do you need help with Social Security benefits approval?

If you recently suffered a personal injury in Minnesota that is likely to leave you permanently disabled, your health insurance may not be enough to cover your necessary care. You can apply for Social Security benefits, but being successfully approved can be quite a trial. Disability Benefits Help offers ways to boost your chances of…


Is your employer required to provide you with first aid?

Depending on your industry, your Minnesota employer could violate OSHA’s current compliance standards by not providing employees with first aid or access to certain medical personnel. Both you and your boss should make yourselves aware of an unintentional oversight. Verywell Health shines a light on OSHA’s first aid and medical services requirements. See if your…