Personal liability in a dog-bite incident

If your dog bites someone, you may be legally responsible for his or her injuries, depending on the circumstances of the incident. Although some states do not hold the dog owner responsible if the animal has never been aggressive, Minnesota requires owners to pay medical bills and other costs in most cases.  Explore your potential…


Does workers’ comp cover workplace violence injuries?

At the Mayo Medical Center at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, a Minnesota resident suffered multiple stab wounds while she was working in the employees’ cafeteria during the morning shift. As reported by KROC-AM News-Talk radio, her estranged husband, who was also employed by the hospital, came into the crowded cafeteria with a knife and…


Top 7 winter weather driving tips

Winter is coming to northern Minnesota, and that means snow, ice, sleet and potential blizzard conditions due to high winds. When winter weather strikes, even a route that you drive on a regular basis can become treacherous, and failure to account for the conditions can lead to a serious and potentially fatal accident. Whenever possible,…