Workplace noise and hearing loss

Exposure to dangerous noise levels in the workplace may cause hearing loss for workers in Minnesota and elsewhere. Due to the tools they use on the job, the environments they work in, or a combination of these and other factors, people in a range of industries may be exposed to potentially damaging noise levels at…


How can you avoid drowsy driving this winter?

In Minnesota, the winters are long and dark. Unfortunately, your work day does not end early just because the sun has set. Many people find themselves commuting to and from work in the dark during the winter months. This can make it all too easy to fall prey to drowsy driving.  What is drowsy driving,…


6 tips for snowmobiling safety

The season of snow sports is upon us, and at Falsani, Balmer, Peterson & Balmer in Minnesota, we would like to remind everyone to take precautions to avoid personal injuries this winter season. If snowmobiling is one of your favorite ways to enjoy the winter weather, Esurance provides these tips for safety on your recreational…