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What kinds of products are likely to cause injuries to children?

There are many kinds of children's products that can pose a threat to your loved ones. Some of these dangerous products may include swings, walkers, bassinets, bunk beds and play yards.

When using these products, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and others trust that the child using them won't be harmed. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

Know the benefits offered with workers' compensation in Minnesota

If you're hurt on the job, you may not be someone who has to stay off the job forever. Many people who suffer injuries do recover over time. If that's you, then you are able to seek out help with your rehabilitation benefits.

With rehabilitation benefits, you may be able to obtain several services that can help you find the right position for your return to the workforce. It may be that you can no longer do what you did in the past, but you could be entitled to services to help you find a job that suits you as you are today.

Work-zone crash draws attention to the dangers of highways

A motor vehicle accident that took place in Minnesota left one person dead, and it may lead to charges for the driver involved. According to the reports, a semitruck rear-ended a truck that was pulling a trailer. This resulted in the trailer and truck entering into a spin while on Highway I-94.

When the truck spun, it entered into a work zone and impacted a 59-year-old man at the scene. The most tragic part of this story is that the incident was completely avoidable.

Workers' compensation claims and the opioid epidemic

The opioid epidemic in America has been a hot topic in the media lately. The rates of abuse, addiction and overdose are high, particularly among millennials and teens. In just one year, the Midwest alone had a 70 percent rise in overdoses, reveals the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This data brings the issue closer to home.

The numbers are worrying all around, but one demographic that needs more attention is those who are taking opioids due to a workplace injury. How does the system treat injured workers who become addicted to or overdose on their prescription medication?

Slipping at a garden center: Making your claim

You went to a garden shop hoping to find products that you could use around your home. You realized that some areas would have water, and you knew that some of the items on the property could be dangerous. However, you didn't expect the ground to be slick in the areas where water was running. The pathway was clearly marked for visitors to use, and there were no signs to let you know that it would be slick.

When you fell, you caught yourself, but you hurt your wrists. As someone who has to work an office job, a trade or generally use your hands in your daily life, this has made a significant impact on your daily activities. You are in a position to make a premises liability claim.

Are you covered by workers' compensation?

In Minnesota, workers who are employed have a right to workers' compensation by law in most cases. If you are hurt on the job, then you can seek workers' compensation to help cover your medical losses as well as lost wages.

There are some important deadlines you need to know. First, you have only 14 days to notify your employer of your injuries if you wish to receive the maximum benefits. There is also a three-year limit on the ability to recover compensation or determine there was an injury.

Toyota to pay over $245 million for gross negligence

If you have been following recalls and problems with vehicles in the news, then you may recall a case in which a family claimed that two young children were badly hurt as a result of front seats that collapsed backwards in a collision. The case, which was tried in Texas, resulted in Toyota being found grossly negligent, failing to warn consumers that their vehicle's front seats could collapse backwards in some serious rear-end collisions at high speeds.

According to the story, the auto industry has known that front seats don't hold up well in certain kinds of crashes when the vehicle is hit from the rear and at a high rate of speed. What's most shocking is that the cost to fix the problem is only around $1 per seat; however, if the accident occurs without the fix, the injuries can be catastrophic.

Dangerous toys a hazard to a nation of children

The last thing any parent, aunt, uncle or friend thinks when they purchase a children's toy is that it's going to hurt the child that it's purchased for. On the whole, children's toys are safe and fun for kids, but there are those that lead to injury.

Certain toys are dangerous by nature, like bicycles or roller blades, but others, like interactive dolls or play sets may have inherent dangers that aren't as obvious. If the manufacturer or designer doesn't recognize these dangers or tell the public about them, then a child could be badly hurt.

What should you know about workers compensation in Minnesota?

After a workplace injury, one thing you can seek out is workers' compensation. Workers' compensation is a benefit provided by employers that helps cover you in the case of accidental injury on the job. When you're hurt, whether it's due to a repetitive strain injury or one you develop in an industrial accident, workers compensation should help you cover medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses.

On top of providing you with compensation, workers compensation also provides you with some coverage for retraining for a position and death benefits for your family in the case of your untimely demise.

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