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Hurt on your friend's property? You can still make a claim

If you're hurt on someone else's property, then there is a chance that you could make a premises liability claim for compensation. A premises liability claim is important for those who are badly injured as a result of a property owner's negligence or failure to take care of their property.

Here's an example. Imagine you go to visit a friend's home. You are welcome there and were invited. They owe you the highest level of care when you arrive.

Help your teen by encouraging more hazardous weather training

In Minnesota, the weather can be unpredictable. From winters that never seem to let go to summer storms, there's always a risk that people could be involved in a dangerous weather event.

When you're a skilled driver, you might not worry much about the weather and its impact on your driving. However, if you were a young or new driver, you might not be as sure about how to handle poor weather conditions.

What do you do if you're in a crash with a recreational vehicle?

Recreational toys are a lot of fun. Things like four-wheelers, Jet Skis and campers can make your vacations and weekends exciting, creating great memories with friends and family. However, they can be extremely dangerous, and they do have the potential to cause injuries and deaths.

Sometimes, you may be victimized by someone else who is negligent when using one of these recreational toys. For example, you might be driving down a rural road when a person on a four-wheeler suddenly drives into the roadway. Similarly, you could be out on your boat when a Jet-Skier crashes into your vessel.

How can you prove driver distraction in a car accident claim?

Minnesota has strict laws about how you can use cell phones when operating a motor vehicle. These extra laws are essential because one out of five car crashes between 2013 and 2017 occurred as a result of distracted driving. 

After a car accident, you will need to pursue a claim with your auto insurance company to try to recover damages. Proving the other driver holds most of the liability because he or she was on a cell phone or distracted in some other manner could be instrumental in your case. It can be tough to prove a driver became distracted, but it is worth pursuing every path you have. It is uncommon for another driver to admit fault, so you need to remain proactive.

What are some tips for avoiding truck collisions?

Trucking accidents can happen anywhere in the U.S., but in cities and on highways, they're more likely to impact people. The good news is that people like yourself can avoid trucking accidents.

A few simple tips make it safer to avoid colliding with a truck or having them collide with you. Here are three tips to remember if you want to stay safe on the roads.

Workers' compensation coverage for the misclassified worker

Workers' compensation laws require most businesses to carry workers' compensation coverage for their employees. As an employee, you're entitled to this coverage if you're hurt on the job.

Sometimes, businesses misclassify their workers to avoid paying for workers' compensation. For instance, if you're an independent contractor, you're not covered by the employer's insurance. If you get hurt, you would likely have to sue them directly.

Slip-and-fall accidents: You can make a claim

Slip-and-fall cases are among the most common causes of premises liability claims. It's easy to slip and fall. For example, if there is some gravel misplaced on steps, you could slip and fall down the stairs. If the sprinkler system gets the porch wet, it could become slick and result in a fall.

When you get hurt on another person's property, you have the opportunity to file a claim. To win your case, you will be asked to prove fault. To prove fault, you will need to show that:

  • The owner of the property created the conditions that led to your injury
  • The owner or possessor of the property was aware of the conditions and did not take steps to correct them
  • The condition was not corrected and has been present for so long that the owner or occupier should have known about it before you fell.

Moving patients a common cause of injury in health care

Working in any type of health care environment presents certain inherent risks, with nurses, nursing assistants and others in the industry regularly experiencing a wide range of work-related injuries and ailments. While working around sick people and regularly using needles and other potentially hazardous medical equipment can lead to injuries, one of the most substantial risks you face working in health care involves moving heavy patients.

According to Healthcare Business & Technology, injuries caused by lifting patients are the single-biggest threat facing today‚Äôs health care workers. Injuries caused by this action are so commonplace, in fact, that American nurses, alone, suffer more than 35,000 back and musculoskeletal injuries every year serious enough to prevent them from working. Furthermore, nurses are more likely to suffer injuries than workers in all other jobs that involve physical labor, exclusively.

New bill will stop handheld cellphone use in Minnesotan vehicles

Motor vehicle accidents can be caused by many different actions, but one, using a cellphone while driving, is particularly dangerous. The Minnesota House of Representatives is addressing this problem by advancing a bill that will ban holding a cellphone while behind the wheel.

The ban was previously unsuccessful, but with some amendments, it was approved by the House by 106 to 21. The governor has stated that he will be willing to sign the bill into law once it reaches his desk.

What are some dangerous products available to children?

There are many products that may be dangerous for children to own, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're violating any laws. However, in some cases, it's what the products are made of that causes children to fall ill or how the product is made that causes injuries that occur regardless of how the product is used.

There are between 400 and 450 product recalls issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) each year. Certain products are more dangerous than others, so they must be removed from stores and taken back from consumers.

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