Smart Questions to Ask Your Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries may be of various types. However, whatever the reason, the best solution for any type of injury is to approach a specialist personal injury attorney for legal help. Although you may find a number of such lawyers, it is better to remember that not all are equally efficient in their work. When choosing a Minnesota…


Social Security Disability: 3 Questions Answered

How do I apply for Social Security Disability? Go to your local Social Security office. In northern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin, there are offices in Duluth, Minnesota, Superior, Wisconsin, and Hibbing, Minnesota. Tell them you want to apply for Social Security Disability. The office personnel from the Social Security office will assist you in completing…


Car Accidents | What You Should Know

Accidents may happen any time and the victims are also aware of the personal injury claims.   It Being involved in a car accident can be a very traumatic experience.  Lives can be misplaced, or completely ruined.  Lives are changed physically and or emotionally.  Below is a very interesting case study. Car Accident Case Study We were contacted…


Personal Injury Law

When you have suffered a form of physical or psychological injury, as the result of the negligence or full intentional act of other(s), you are most likely shelter under one -or several- personal injury laws. In order to face a personal injury lawsuit, we first need to define the type of injury law that should be used to…


Social Security Disability Resources

Social Security Disability is a federal program established to supply social benefits such as retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. Here’s some helpful resources: 1.   Healthcare.gov  — Official government site provides information on finding insurance options, prevention, comparing care quality and understanding the new law along with FAQs. 2.   White House.gov — Official government site…


Accidents at Work: Avoid Them If Possible

The best way to deal with an accident at work is to keep it from happening at all.  It’s in the best interest of the workers and employers to avoid an accident at work. The worker does not want to be injured and neither does the employer want to face government inspections and reviews that…


How Can A Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers You have been a very responsible person and bought an economical car, paid your taxes and purchased yourself health insurance.  But what happens if your policy holders refuse to pay you on time if you should have an accident or become sick?  This is when your Minnesota personal injury lawyer begins…


Personal Injury Attorney Minnesota

Duluth Trial Lawyers provides attorney services for personal injury in Minnesota.   Accidents happen on a daily basis. The most common types of accidents can happen at any time. For instance, slips and falls in the winter time become common place, as municipalities and their contractors fail to clean up the pavement. When you have been…


What is Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation DefinitionWorkers compensation is a state law that issues cash payments and provides medical care, regardless of fault, to employees who are injured or disabled during the course of their employment.  State law requires the benefits be paid. When is the Right Time to Hire An AttorneySince there are so many variants that can…


Who We Are

Beginning as a small law firm in 1975, Falsani, Balmer, Peterson, Quinn and Beyer has grown to a firm of eight lawyers practicing in the areas of: – personal injury – including automobile accidents, industrial accidents, product liability cases, premises liability claims, dog bites, nursing home neglect and carbon monoxide poisoning cases – workers’ compensation – social security disability…