Qualified Representation After A Serious Injury

After sustaining an injury due to another’s negligence, no one wants to worry about litigation or lawsuits. They usually face more pressing questions like: Will I physically recover? Will I be able to return to work? How can I afford my medical bills?

Over time, the harms and losses caused by pain, disability and the cost of dealing with both can wear on a person. Bills pile up, relationships are affected, and a person’s quality of life can deteriorate.

The attorneys of Falsani, Balmer, Peterson & Balmer have helped thousands of people in Duluth and beyond over the last 45 years. We understand the complex claim process and the stress you are going through. Our firm offers the personal attention your case needs combined that with the experience and skill only an established and reputable law firm can provide.

If you are injured due to another party’s negligence, call 218-723-1990 to schedule a free initial case consultation with our skilled Minnesota litigators. We will thoroughly evaluate your case and provide an honest evaluation of your best options moving forward.

Comprehensive Representation After All Types Of Accidents

Our lawyers are experienced with all manner of cases involving injury and disability. We regularly represent victims of:

  • Car crashes and other motor vehicle collisions
  • Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall cases
  • Premises liability cases
  • Injuries that occur in hotels or motels
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Boat, Jet Ski and port incidents
  • Snowmobiling accidents
  • ATV accidents
  • Products liability cases
  • Workers’ compensation cases
  • Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI) claims

We represent local residents as well as seasonal vacationers. Even if you do not live in Duluth or the surrounding area, we can partner with you to strongly pursue your personal injury claim.

Strong Advocates and Negotiators

The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court. However, if the insurance company knows that your lawyer will not take cases all the way to a jury, it can affect the settlement offer. As a result, it is important to hire a firm that will stand with and fight for you regardless of your case’s course.

Our lawyers are capable negotiators who strategically negotiate settlements for our clients. However, we are ready and willing to represent your best interests in court if necessary. We will proceed down the path that offers your claim the best chances of a successful recovery. Learn more about how a skilled personal injury attorney can add value to your case.

We also strongly advocate for clients if the insurer requests an “Independent” (Adverse) Medical Examination (IME/AME). Doctors employed by the insurance company can be biased and downplay the extent of your injuries. Our goal is to uphold your claim and maximize your settlement by protecting you from questionable examination questions and evaluations.

File Your Claim Before The Statute Of Limitations Expires

Every legal case has a time limit; if you wait too long to pursue a claim, you may be prevented from full and fair compensation on a technicality. Also, having us contact the insurance company immediately after the accident goes a long way to ensure they handle your claim in a timely manner.

Our lawyers will take time to discuss your case with you soon after the accident. Unless we evaluate your case, there is no way to know whether your injury is serious enough to warrant the time, stress and risk of litigation. We are more than happy to answer your case questions to make sure everything is in order should your condition have serious or long-term consequences.

You Only Pay Us If We Recover Compensation

We usually only accept cases on a contingency basis. This means that we are paid a percentage of the compensation we are able to obtain — through settlement or verdict — for you.

If we accept your case and it turns out that your condition does not qualify for compensation, or the insurance company successfully avoids responsibility for the harm it’s insured caused, you owe us nothing.

We believe that people of all means should have access to experienced legal representation to pursue the compensation they deserve. Everyone — rich or poor, employed or not, young or old — is on equal footing with the professional insurance companies when you hire us. If we decide to handle your case, we invest our time and effort in helping you obtain a full and fair result.

Contact Our Dedicated Legal Team For Counsel

If you were seriously injured due to another party’s negligence, call 218-723-1990 to schedule a free initial consultation with our dedicated legal team. You may also contact our firm online. Our goal is to protect your rights and help you recover the full compensation you deserve.