What Should You Do After A Motor Vehicle Collision?

Motor vehicle collisions can be very frightening, overwhelming experiences. Your vehicle may be significantly damaged, and you may be injured and unsure of how to proceed. Unfortunately, the steps that you take during this emotional time can greatly impact your physical and financial well-being. Learn what to do after such an event so that you are adequately prepared if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

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Steps To Take After A Motor Vehicle Accident

You may not know the full extent of your injuries or property damage in the initial aftermath of an accident. Carefully gather information and follow the steps below to protect your best interests in case you need to file a personal injury claim.

  1. Call police and emergency medical care if necessary. File an official police report to document the exact circumstances of your incident. If you pursue a claim later on, you will need the information in this report.
  2. Record the information of the other parties involved. Write down the name(s), phone number(s), license plate number(s) and insurance information of each person involved in the incident.
  3. Collect contact information from witnesses. If any pedestrians or other drivers witnessed the incident, ask them for their names and contact information in case you need someone to verify your account of the incident.
  4. Take pictures of property damage and visible injuries. Document damage to all vehicles as well as visible injuries.
  5. Visit a medical professional soon after the incident. If you did not require emergency medical care, you should undergo a full medical evaluation soon after the accident. Some serious injuries may not be evident until later on. Ask the doctor for a copy of their evaluation and write down any prescribed medications.
  6. Contact an attorney before you speak with an insurance provider. Insurance companies look for every opportunity to minimize claim payouts. An experienced attorney can explain what you should and should not say to protect your claim’s integrity.
  7. Keep a recovery folder. Keep a thorough record of your recovery. This should include all medical bills, vehicle repair bills, your injury recovery timeline, lost wages and any conversations with your insurance company.

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