The season of snow sports is upon us, and at Falsani, Balmer, Peterson & Balmer in Minnesota, we would like to remind everyone to take precautions to avoid personal injuries this winter season.

If snowmobiling is one of your favorite ways to enjoy the winter weather, Esurance provides these tips for safety on your recreational vehicle this year.

  1. Take a course

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, a safety course at the beginning of the season can benefit you, at the very least by possibly getting you a break on your insurance premiums. Plus, it does not hurt to brush up on riding techniques, state laws, etiquette and the rules of the trail.

  1. Wear safety gear

A helmet is the most essential safety gear you can wear. Even a concussion can change your life, but a more serious head injury can cause cognitive, mental, emotional and physical damage. In addition to your DOT-approved headgear, wear goggles and reflective clothing.

  1. Watch out for hidden hazards

Below the surface of the snow, rocks, tree stumps and fences may be lurking. If you are not familiar with the terrain, do a quick scan of the area before taking off.

  1. Avoid ice

That frozen lake or river may seem solid enough, but a thin patch or a crack can lead to drowning. It is better to avoid riding on ice altogether, but if you do head out over a frozen body of water, wear a life jacket.

  1. Ride with a buddy

It is safest to have someone with you in case of an accident, but if you are on your own, share your location and your plan. Then, if you do not come back by a certain time, someone will know to come looking for you and where to start.

  1. Prepare for an emergency

You may think having a cellphone will serve you in an emergency, but sometimes, cell service lets people down. Pack a first-aid kit with ointments, painkillers, bandages, scissors and latex gloves. Keep an emergency kit on hand, as well, with flashlight, blanket, food, matches, flares, tools and extra fuel.

More information about snowmobile and ATV accidents is available on our webpage.

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