Negligence Claims and Motor Vehicle Collisions

Experienced Counsel After a Motor Vehicle Injury.

Falsani, Balmer, Peterson & Balmer represents Minnesota and Wisconsin residents who are victims of serious motor vehicle collisions and acts of negligence. These cases can cause significant injuries, medical bills, lost days of work and even death.

We represent clients with claims after all manner of accidents, including:

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Injuries Involving Motor Vehicles

  • Motorcycle Injuries
  • Commercial Truck Crash
  • Boating Injuries
  • ATV Injuries
  • Snowmobiling Injuries
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Injuries

Experienced Representation After Complex Truck Injuries

Commercial trucking injuries can be some of the most complex, and serious, types of motor vehicle injuries. In addition to filing a claim against the truck driver, our attorneys can evaluate whether to additionally file a third-party claim against the trucking company.

In some cases, the company’s lack of safety policies, employee training or poor equipment management may have contributed to your injuries. If so, the company may owe you compensation for their negligence. With over 45 years of experience, we have the necessary knowledge to carefully analyze all involved factors to identify opportunities to strengthen your claim.

Protecting Your Best Interest During an IME/AME

In the course of your claim, the insurance provider may request an “Independent” (Adverse) Medical Examination (IME/AME) to evaluate the scope of your injuries. While your doctor has already completed an exam, the insurer may want to confirm your doctor’s assessment before they agree to a settlement.

Unfortunately, insurance providers tend to repeatedly use the same doctors, and the doctors may be biased in favor of the insurer. Our firm prepares clients for their IME/AME so they do not accidentally jeopardize their claim. What may seem like a harmless question may be used to invalidate your claim. If the examiner is biased during the exam, we can also look to cross- examine their findings in a deposition or during trial if necessary.

You Only Pay Us if We Recover Compensation

We generally accept cases on a contingency basis. This means that we are paid a percentage of the compensation we are able to obtain (through settlement or verdict) for you. This means we are on the same team and can work together in order to maximize your recovery.

If we accept your case and it turns out that your condition does not qualify for compensation, or the insurance company successfully avoids responsibility for the harm it’s insured caused, you owe us nothing.

We believe that people of all means should have access to experienced legal representation to pursue the compensation they deserve. Everyone — rich or poor, employed or not, young or old — is on equal footing with the insurance companies when you hire us. When we take on a case, we invest our time and effort in helping you obtain a fair result regardless of who you are.

Contact us for qualified legal representation.

If you have suffered a serious personal injury, deserve workers’ compensation benefits, need assistance with short- or long-term disability claims, or require help with the Social Security Disability claims process, Falsani, Balmer, Peterson & Balmer can serve as your trusted legal counsel. Schedule a free initial consultation with our qualified legal team and we will carefully evaluate your case and give you honest and expert legal advice.