The tragedy of losing a loved one in a car accident in Duluth is often compounded if multiple lives are lost in the collision. In such cases, the families of accident victims often band together to support each other through their collective grief. This may make the process of determining liability in an accident that much more difficult. People may be faced with the reality that the actions of one whom they knew contributed to the death of their loved one, and that knowledge can be difficult to deal with if and when the issue of compensating for accident expenses arises.

Two Wisconsin families are currently faced with the reality of having to adjust to life without their beloved sons after two local teens were killed in an accident on their way to wrestling practice at their high school. Authorities say that the two were traveling in a vehicle together when the SUV hit a patch of ice and lost control. This caused the vehicle to run off the road and hit nearby trees. Which of the teens was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident was not reported.

Some might argue that one who agrees to travel as a passenger in a vehicle accepts the risk of being involved in an accident. Yet if the actions of the driver of the vehicle are determined to be the proximate cause of an accident, then passengers and/or their families may have cause to seek a liability claim. Filing such a claim may not be a preference, yet the expenses victims face may make it necessary. Anyone in such a scenario may want to seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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