Car crashes are common on highways, and they often result in victims suffering severe injuries as a result of high speeds and multiple impacts. A good example of this is a multiple-vehicle collision that occurred on Jan. 3. The crash, which occurred in the morning hours, resulted in several injuries.

Multiple vehicles were involved in a crash on Northbound Interstate 35. The crash, which happened near the Mesaba Avenue exit, brought the highway to a near-stop when four vehicles collided with each other.

That morning, the roads were wet and snow-covered, which may have played a role in the collision.

What should you do if the roads are poor when you’re driving?

When you’re driving in less than ideal conditions, it’s important to make sure that you slow down and pay attention to the roads. You need to watch for other drivers who may make mistakes as well as to be ready to stop if others get into a collision.

Multiple-vehicle collisions often happen because drivers are too close to one another. To reduce the likelihood of getting into a crash yourself, you should always keep several vehicle lengths between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. If you have to merge to a side lane, be sure to look along the side of your vehicle to avoid hitting another vehicle that could be in your blind spot.

Taking these precautions could help you protect yourself and your family while on the roads. Simple changes in your driving behaviors can significantly reduce the likelihood of getting into a collision.

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