Tips for taking your opioid medication safely

Prescribed opioid medications may allow you to manage or control your symptoms. However, if your doctor has negligently recommended their use and you are unknowingly consuming opioids, you may endanger your life. Keeping yourself safe requires your education and awareness of the impact of opioids, as well as vigilance to ensure proper application of all…


Are rural communities hit harder by the opioid epidemic?

The number of opioid overdose deaths are much higher in rural areas than in larger cities. This is a bit misleading since it may make you think that it means opioids are a bigger problem in rural areas than large communities. That is not entirely true. According to Kaiser Health News, the real problem is…


How can you avoid drowsy driving this winter?

In Minnesota, the winters are long and dark. Unfortunately, your work day does not end early just because the sun has set. Many people find themselves commuting to and from work in the dark during the winter months. This can make it all too easy to fall prey to drowsy driving.  What is drowsy driving,…


Personal liability in a dog-bite incident

If your dog bites someone, you may be legally responsible for his or her injuries, depending on the circumstances of the incident. Although some states do not hold the dog owner responsible if the animal has never been aggressive, Minnesota requires owners to pay medical bills and other costs in most cases.  Explore your potential…


Where does the blame lie for the opioid crisis?

There is no denying that the country is gripped by the opioid crisis. It seems to touch everyone no matter the age, income level, education, race or location. Many lives have been lost to these drugs, and there is constant work trying to help those addicted and prevent people from becoming addicted. While Minnesota lawmakers…


Do you need umbrella insurance?

Your home and auto insurance policies cover medical bills, lost wages and other costs incurred when a person becomes injured at your home or in a collision with your vehicle. When a serious incident exceeds your coverage limits, however, another party can sue you for the remainder if you were partially or totally at fault…


Do you need help with Social Security benefits approval?

If you recently suffered a personal injury in Minnesota that is likely to leave you permanently disabled, your health insurance may not be enough to cover your necessary care. You can apply for Social Security benefits, but being successfully approved can be quite a trial. Disability Benefits Help offers ways to boost your chances of…