The best way to deal with an accident at work is to keep it from happening at all.  It’s in the best interest of the workers and employers to avoid an accident at work. The worker does not want to be injured and neither does the employer want to face government inspections and reviews that can hurt their business.

To help avoid injuries here are some useful tips to keep mind:
– Observe proper lifting techniques. There are many resources available to instruct you on safe lifting.
– Come to work well rested and well fed. Many injuries are the result of inattention and it can be difficult to focus when tired or hungry.
– Know your rights regarding dangerous work. Different areas have different laws governing this. Consult your state or national labor board for details.

Increasing your overall physical fitness will decrease the likelihood you will ever need to make a compensation claim.  Just because a task is not physically taxing, doesn’t mean it won’t cause injury.  Even people who work physical jobs need properly structured exercise. Many workers have high anaerobic fitness but poor aerobic fitness. Ensure that all safety equipment is worn and that it is in good working condition.

Work with your employer to avoid an accident at work. It’s in both of your interests to keep a safe workplace so anytime you have a safety concern, present it to your employer in a non-adversarial way. Should the worst happen, there is the possibility of perusing a personal injury accident claim against your employer.

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