Developments in technology require updated legal advice in the event of a car crash. Here are 7 tips on what to do if you are involved in an automobile collision:

  1. Contact local law enforcement and wait for them at the scene of the crash.
  1. Collect any other driver’s information – name, address, phone number, email address, license plate, make/model of vehicle, automobile insurer, etc. Take pictures of their driver’s license and insurance card if possible.
  1. Collect witness information as well.
  1. Take pictures of the crash scene BEFORE vehicles are moved.
  1. Make sure vehicle data recorders are preserved. Talk to the tow truck company and/or storage site to make sure.
  1. Report the crash to your own automobile insurer promptly. They may wish to take a statement, which is fine, but we recommend against giving a statement to anyone else’s insurer without first obtaining legal advice.
  1. Get medical care for injuries right away, and insist on diagnostics (CT scan, MRI, etc.) if appropriate. Your auto insurance should pay for this initial treatment.
  1. Check with passing bus drivers and nearby businesses to see if they have any cameras or surveillance that may have captured the crash. Data is frequently erased in such circumstances so you should make contact as soon as possible.
  1. Keep track of all information and documentation from the collision. Do not delete anything or throw anything away.

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