Product location can be a safety issue in stores

Retail store owners and managers in Minnesota are not liable for every accident that occurs on their premises, but you have the right to expect that you will be safe while you shop. This includes floors that are clean and free of obstacles, and it also means you should never be in danger of falling…


How is your mental health after your recent personal injury?

You suffered a personal injury not too long ago in Minnesota. While you received medical care and are on the road to recovery, you may find yourself growing anxious, uneasy and/or depressed about where you are in life right now. WebMD explores how traumatic injuries impact mental health. Learn to recognize the signs of depression…


Has your recent work injury led to depression?

Recently, you suffered an injury while on the clock. Thankfully, your Minnesota employer worked with you on your workers’ compensation claim, but you still need to take time off to recover enough to return to work. Depending on your mindset, injury, recovery time and several other factors, you could find yourself growing depressed. SFM provides…


Is your employer required to provide you with first aid?

Depending on your industry, your Minnesota employer could violate OSHA’s current compliance standards by not providing employees with first aid or access to certain medical personnel. Both you and your boss should make yourselves aware of an unintentional oversight. Verywell Health shines a light on OSHA’s first aid and medical services requirements. See if your…