On the one hand, starting a new job is often very exciting and opens up new opportunities. At the same time, this also presents challenges for many people, from stress and sleep loss to adjusting to new schedules. For many reasons, beginning a new job is difficult and even potentially dangerous, in some instances. 

Many people start a new job to earn more or because they were forced to step down from their previous position and work in a new field because of relocation. Unfortunately, people dealing with stressors related to a new job are often very tired and more likely to make errors at work. 

Inexperience, unfamiliarity, stress and fatigue 

Starting a new job is often very challenging, especially for someone who recently moved. Whether they moved to another part of the state or across the country, those who have recently moved (or are still in the process of relocation) are often more likely to become involved in an accident at work. Moreover, starting a new job often leads to a lack of familiarity with many facets of one’s position, from hazards that are present in the workplace to additional responsibilities that one is not used to. Some people work in entirely new fields and inexperience is associated with many work-related mishaps. 


It is imperative for workplace accident victims to focus on recovery, especially if they are dealing with other issues in their lives. Workers’ comp benefits help many people who find themselves in this difficult position and our law office goes into greater detail on this area of law on our site. 

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