Why does it matter in which state I make my bodily injury claim?

The laws governing the rights of an injured worker, motorist, or customer are specific the each of the 50 states, differing from those of the other states in many important respects.  As a law firm specializing in bodily injury claims and workers compensation law located in Duluth, MN, Falsani, Balmer, Peterson & Balmer are unique…


Identifying a toxic workplace

Some industries prove more stressful than others. While stress is not necessarily a work hazard, it may become one.  Toxic workplaces are a hotbed for the development of mental and physical issues that sideline employees. Our professionals have put together a way to help identify the signs of a toxic workplace.  Faulty communication  When management…


Can I get vocational rehabilitation through workers’ compensation?

The benefits you can get through workers’ compensation should help you to heal and manage your medical condition. Sometimes, your benefits will also help you to rehabilitate so that you can return to work. If you need vocational rehabilitation, workers’ compensation should offer you this option, according to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry….