In Minnesota, the winters are long and dark. Unfortunately, your work day does not end early just because the sun has set. Many people find themselves commuting to and from work in the dark during the winter months. This can make it all too easy to fall prey to drowsy driving. 

What is drowsy driving, exactly? It is the act of getting behind the wheel when you have not had enough sleep. Drowsy driving falls under the umbrella of distracted driving. However, it is not discussed as often as texting while driving or driving under the influence. In fact, it is often seen as more acceptable than either of these behaviors. 

Drowsy driving occurs for many reasons. For most, it is because they do not get enough sleep the night before for various reasons. In winter, driving in the dark can add to that feeling of exhaustion. Without the sunlight, it is easier to feel tired. It is also easier to fall asleep at the wheel. 

The risk of falling asleep is not the only danger associated with drowsy driving, though. Even if you stay awake, you will deal with other problems. They can include: 

  • A reduction in reaction time 
  • An inability to predict and plan for dangers 
  • A loss of hand-eye coordination and fine motor control 

Together, these issues can cause you to become more likely to crash. If you are curious about motor vehicle accidents, consider taking a look at our linked web page. You can read more about crashes and their causes. Consider taking a look at how exhaustion affects driving in more detail, too. 

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