As a parent, you want your kids to have a fun summer. However, you also want to ensure the season is safe for them. One of the things that can impact how safe children are during the summer is what toys they play with. Toys vary greatly in how big of injury risks can arise in connection to them.

Recently, the organization World Against Toys Causing Harm, put out a list of “10 Potential Safety Concerns” for summer 2018. Water balloon slingshots topped this list.

Among the safety issues the report noted in connection to this type of toy were that such slingshots:

  • Launch water balloons at a great force
  • Can hit things at a range of up to 150 feet
  • Can pose serious eye injury risks to kids
  • Can pose a choking hazard to small kids due to balloon pieces

Examples of other toys that made this year’s list include: lawn darts, low-riding wheeled toys, toys with small parts, backyard water slides, high-powered water guns, trampolines and bounce houses.

As this list underscores, different toys can raise different safety issues. So, it can be important for parents to stay informed when picking summer toys for their kids. Questions parents may want to research when considering toys for their kids include:

  • Have any safety issues been raised regarding this toy?
  • Are there steps parents can take to address these safety issues?
  • What rules may parents want to give their kids regarding this toy?
  • What ages is the toy appropriate for?

Many questions could come up for a parent when his or her child ends up getting hurt by a summer toy. This includes questions related to compensation rights. Product liability attorneys can help answer such questions.

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