The last thing any parent, aunt, uncle or friend thinks when they purchase a children’s toy is that it’s going to hurt the child that it’s purchased for. On the whole, children’s toys are safe and fun for kids, but there are those that lead to injury.

Certain toys are dangerous by nature, like bicycles or roller blades, but others, like interactive dolls or play sets may have inherent dangers that aren’t as obvious. If the manufacturer or designer doesn’t recognize these dangers or tell the public about them, then a child could be badly hurt.

Did you know that only a portion of recalled items go back to the manufacturer? That means that if you purchase a toy at a garage sale or resale store, you may be inadvertently putting your child at risk. While these stores or the owners of toys should check the internet and other sources to make sure what they sell is safe, they don’t always do so. Therefore, it’s always wise to look up a toy before handing it over to your child.

Dangerous toys are a particularly difficult hazard to deal with because of how attached children become to their things. If a doll chews on your child’s hair and rips it out by catching it in an internal motor, then you’ll want to throw it out, but your child may fight tooth and nail to keep the doll they’re so fond of while not understanding the hazard. This emotional stress is another reason why manufacturers need to be held responsible for any pain inflicted on a child.

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