If you recently suffered a personal injury in Minnesota that is likely to leave you permanently disabled, your health insurance may not be enough to cover your necessary care. You can apply for Social Security benefits, but being successfully approved can be quite a trial.

Disability Benefits Help offers ways to boost your chances of winning your claim. Get the benefits you need as quickly as possible, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Organize all paperwork

You have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how serious your injury is. Gather up all medical paperwork and supplementary documents and organize them in a file. It is best that you not leave the recordkeeping and document requests to your physician, because medical offices receive such requests all the time, and your health care provider may not submit your records on time.

Complete your application from front to back

When you get your application, look it over from front to back. Gather any paperwork and information you need. Once you feel you have all the documents and details you need, sit down and complete the application in full, triple-checking to ensure you answered all questions.

Keep in touch with your physician

Let your physician know about your application for Social Security benefits. She or he may need to (or want to) submit a written statement for your application. Additionally, it could be a good idea to ask your doctor for a Residual Functional Capacity evaluation.

Stick to your claim status like glue

After submitting your application, keep a close watch on its status. This is because you may need to submit additional documents, or there could be deadlines to meet.

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