At the Mayo Medical Center at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, a Minnesota resident suffered multiple stab wounds while she was working in the employees’ cafeteria during the morning shift. As reported by KROC-AM News-Talk radio, her estranged husband, who was also employed by the hospital, came into the crowded cafeteria with a knife and attempted to kill her. Reportedly, he stabbed his wife in the back and chest until she lost consciousness. Although the woman was attacked by her estranged husband, the cafeteria is under the care and control of the hospital, which makes her employer liable for any worker injuries occurring there.

According to law enforcement officials, a security guard employed by the hospital was able to pin the attacker to a wall while another security officer held him down. Security officers are generally armed and expected to keep other employees safe. They may also file a claim to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they sustained any injuries when they were on-the-clock.

A second employee purportedly intervened to try and stop the attacker, but suffered a slashing from his knife. Whether this second employee was working in the cafeteria or on her break, she may also file a claim for workers’ compensation; the injuries she sustained occurred while she was on the premises owned by her employer.

All employees harmed or injured while working on the job can file for a workers’ compensation claim in Minnesota. Regardless of how an injury occurred, when employees are hurt on the job the employer must provide them with the necessary paperwork to start a workers’ comp claim.

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