• Social Security disability insurance (also known as SSDI, RSDI, DIB, and/or Title II) benefits
  • Supplemental Security insurance (also known as SSI and/or Title XVI) benefits
  • Children’s benefits
  • Spouse and children of disabled workers
  • Retirement benefits (not based upon disability)
  • Survivor’s benefits

The two primary types of Social Security disability benefits are SSDI and SSI.

Definition of “disabled”Unable to work enough due to medical conditionsUnable to work enough due to medical conditions
Asset/income/resource limitsNoneVery strict limits; may apply to entire household
Work historyNeed to have earned enough “quarters of credits” by workingFor anyone regardless of work history
IncomeCannot earn more than “substantial gainful activity” to qualifyVery strict income limits (depends on household and marital status)
Monthly benefit amountDepends on work history and earningsThe same amount for everyone (2022: $841/month)
SourceEmployer and wage contributions (out of paychecks over the years)General revenue from taxpayers
Do other benefits affect eligibility/amountsOther benefits (VA, STD, LTD, PERA, etc.) do not affect SSDI eligibilityOther benefits are counted against SSI eligibility
Health insuranceMedicareMedicaid

You can find more information here: https://www.ssa.gov/benefits/