Dozens of spin-outs and crashes along with a 17-car crash shut down Interstate 694, according to a Feb. 10 report, after a snowstorm shocked the interstate. The interstate shut down between Rice Street and Victoria Street as a result of multi-vehicle crashes.

While there were no life-threatening injuries, people were left stranded, possibly injured, as they spun out, slid into one another or slammed into each other as they lost control. As a result of the horrible weather conditions, The Minnesota State Highway Patrol had to respond to over a dozen collisions. The North St. Paul Police asked people to stay home to avoid causing further collisions. Both I-694 and 94 were closed due to crashes.

Crashes from the weather are fairly common, especially in circumstances like the above. If you want to stay safe, the best thing you can do is to look at the weather before you go outside. Check to see if the roads are slick or if there are collisions that could prevent you from getting where you need to go. Approach all weather conditions as hazardous until you’re confident that you can drive in them safely.

If you do have to go out in hazardous weather, make sure you take a safety kit with you and prepare to be stuck on the side of the road or waiting for longer periods of time. If you do crash, emergency teams may find it difficult to reach you, so make sure you have at least some first-aid items on hand within your vehicle, as well as blankets and food.

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