Minnesota workers like you often do the same tasks every day. Maybe you are a secretary who spends time answering phone calls or typing. Perhaps you are a teacher who grades papers and writes things by hand. Maybe you are a warehouse worker who lifts heavy boxes all day. 

Any worker has the potential to face repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). Today we will look at these injuries and the impact they have on workers everywhere. 

Who is at risk for an RSI? 

Medical News Today explains the impact of repetitive stress injuries. Most RSIs today come from office work, manual labor and the use of technological devices. This means most workers face a risk of RSIs. 

So, what are RSIs, anyway? An RSI is any injury caused by repetitive motion. By doing the same thing over and over again, you stress the area. This stress comes in the form of injury. Strained muscles are common. In severe cases, you may even see torn muscles or ligaments. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist swelling 

Swelling is also a major issue. It is troubling because swelling causes nerve damage. The most common example of an RSI with swelling is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). People with CTS often struggle with wrist pain. This pain has the potential to be debilitating. Swelling in the wrist pinches nerves, causing this pain. Others experience numbness or burning. 

Workers who suffer with RSIs should seek medical treatment. The outlook of an RSI often depends on how quick and efficient your treatment is. Recovery time is also crucial. This is why workers’ compensation for RSIs is crucial as well. You need time off to recover and rest. 

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