social-security-disability.jpgWhat is Social Security Disability?
Social Security Disability are disability benefits that are based on payroll deductions that occur as a result of work activity or as a result of contributions made by self-employed workers. This benefit program functions much like an insurance program and insured workers are subject to a date last insured, meaning that, at some point, after work activity has ceased, one’s insured status will lapse. This means that claimants who file for disability benefits will need to prove the onset of their disability as far back as possible (through their medical records) in order to be covered by Social Security Disability, but also to receive the full amount of back pay to which they are entitled.

How Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?
Qualifying for disability benefits with the social security administration is based primarily on the information derived from a claimant’s medical records.

What Do I Put On My Social Security Disability Application?
You want to tell the Social Security Administration, on your application, all of the conditions, physical and mental, that prevent you from working. For many people, this is simply one condition (for example a back injury). But for many other people, there are multiple conditions, which individually may not be disabling, but which in combination are disabling. Further, sometimes after a work-ending disability, people develop situational depression. Likewise, for people who simply have one disabling condition, they may have other conditions, that were previously non-disabling, but now impact their ability to work, such as high blood pressure, or diabetes, or obesity. So everything and anything should be listed as a potential disabling condition.

How Much Money Will My Social Security Disability Pay Me?
There are two types of Social Security Disability programs. One program, Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) depends upon how much money you paid to the Social Security system through Social Security taxes coming out of your paycheck. So the amount of money you receive depends upon how much you paid in Social Security taxes.

Need More Social Security Disability Information?
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