Some industries prove more stressful than others. While stress is not necessarily a work hazard, it may become one. 

Toxic workplaces are a hotbed for the development of mental and physical issues that sideline employees. Our professionals have put together a way to help identify the signs of a toxic workplace. 

Faulty communication 

When management makes decisions, how do they filter down? The way higher-ups disseminate information to the workforce may signal a negative environment. Some common failures include: 

  • Passing messages through other employees 
  • Providing misleading information to make someone look bad 
  • Refusing to share all relevant information 
  • Failing to update employees until a policy takes effect 

If a boss seems to sabotage his or her workers at every turn, there is a good chance he or she is fostering a toxic environment. 

Abusive interaction 

It may seem unfathomable that a work situation is abusive, but it happens. Some bosses are more vocal than others, but when it crosses the line from venting frustration to verbally attacking someone, the situation is toxic. Verbal abuse severely tears down an employee’s confidence, morale and productivity. Aside from that, the worker may begin to develop physical limitations as a result. 

Physiological implication 

When an employee endures a toxic work environment, it starts to take a toll. Stress over long periods causes hormones to shift and impact body systems. The steady release of cortisol, the fight or flight hormone, may lead to adrenal exhaustion, causing the sufferer to become ill. Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, may develop or existing conditions may become worse. All of these may lead a doctor to conclude that the employee’s ailments are the result of the workplace. 

Understanding the workers’ compensation process may help identify illnesses centered around a toxic environment. For more help, continue to our web page by following the link here. 

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