How do I apply for Social Security Disability?
Go to your local Social Security office. In northern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin, there are offices in Duluth, Minnesota, Superior, Wisconsin, and Hibbing, Minnesota. Tell them you want to apply for Social Security Disability. The office personnel from the Social Security office will assist you in completing the appropriate forms and authorizations.

How much money will I get?
There are two types of Social Security Disability programs. One program, Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) depends upon how much money you paid to the Social Security system through Social Security taxes coming out of your paycheck. So the amount of money you receive depends upon how much you paid in Social Security taxes.

How much does hiring an attorney cost me?
Attorneys are paid in Social Security Disability cases according to law. Social Security law provides that attorneys are paid 25% of all past due benefits (that is benefits from the commencement of the disability until the favorable outcome), subject to a maximum fee of $5,300.00. Attorney fees also have to be approved by the Social Security Administration, typically a Social Security judge. Therefore, attorneys do not get paid until they have a successful outcome for their clients and until a judge approves the fee.

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