Injured workers are eligible for temporary total and temporary partial benefits as long as several conditions are met. If the injured worker is released to work with restrictions, then the injured worker may be required to perform a diligent job search for appropriate work. If the injured worker is working but at very low wages, then the injured worker may have to continue looking for a higher-paying job.

“Diligent” means a good faith effort to find work – i.e. no mailing it in, taking shortcuts, etc.

“Appropriate” generally means a job that gets the injured as close as possible to earning the same kind of money they were making at the time of the injury.

Job search/placement can be a frustrating process, especially for injured workers in small communities. But, the harder the injured worker looks for replacement work, the better off the injured worker will be.

If the injured worker does not cooperate fully with the job search/placement process, then the injured worker may be cut off from indemnity benefits.

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