After the holidays, many families have new toys to try out. Some of those might be recreational vehicles, like ATVs or mopeds. Children using these devices have to be taught to use them safely because not teaching them could result in serious injuries.

However, some of these devices aren’t safe from the start. For instance, a moped that doesn’t have the right shielding could expose hot parts and cause burns. Four-wheelers that have loose roll bars could collapse if the vehicle rolls, defeating the purpose of the safety bars.

What should you do when you get a new toy or recreational vehicle?

The first thing to do is to make sure you read the instruction manual. You want to guarantee that the safety requirements of the automobile or ride-on toy are met, that you fully understand how to turn it on and off, that you know what to do if there is an emergency with the vehicle and that you know how to maintain it. You should always know what dashboard lights or other warning signals mean.

If your child is going to be using a recreational vehicle of any kind, you should consider getting them lessons or participating in their training. You want to teach your children safety first, including wearing the right safety gear and avoiding traveling in dangerous weather conditions.

With the right safety tips and guides, even young children can use motorized vehicles safely. Make sure you understand the vehicles you buy, can maintain them and know when it’s time to take them to the shop for repairs or returns.

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