When a premises is not safe, there is a chance that you could be hurt. If you are hurt, then you could be a person who has the right to file a premises liability claim. A premises liability claim is designed to help you get financial support during the time you need to get care. It’s also a way to hold the owner of a property responsible for their negligence leading up to your injury.

In a premises liability claim, it’s normally the owner of a structure or property who is to blame for injuries. It is the responsibility of these individuals to maintain a safe environment.

Does the legal status of a visitor affect your claim?

Yes, it can. If you are invited onto a property, the owner has the most responsibility in keeping you safe. If you’re a trespasser, on the other hand, then you aren’t owed any particular amount of care. However, you can make a case if the property owner sets traps or specifically fails to warn about hazards on the property. For instance, teenagers might come onto a property uninvited to use a pool. If it is not blocked off or there aren’t signs warning of danger, they might have a right to sue if they get hurt or if someone drowns.

Property owners know that they have to keep their properties safe, even if no one is expected to come into the area. With simple maintenance, it’s possible to keep others safe when they approach or visit a property; it’s not too much to ask owners to keep their properties safe.

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