You went to a garden shop hoping to find products that you could use around your home. You realized that some areas would have water, and you knew that some of the items on the property could be dangerous. However, you didn’t expect the ground to be slick in the areas where water was running. The pathway was clearly marked for visitors to use, and there were no signs to let you know that it would be slick.

When you fell, you caught yourself, but you hurt your wrists. As someone who has to work an office job, a trade or generally use your hands in your daily life, this has made a significant impact on your daily activities. You are in a position to make a premises liability claim.

What should you include in your premises liability claim?

Make sure you get photos and medical documents to show insurance agents, the property owner, your attorney and others the injuries that you suffered. It is a good idea to take photos of the location where the incident occurred as soon as possible, so you can show what the surroundings were like at the time of the incident. If there were witnesses, it’s a good idea to contact them and have them provide a short testimony.

Normally, the owners of properties like this take steps to prevent people from slipping, especially when there are water features around the property. This might include using gravel or rough textures on walkways or putting up signs to let you know that the area could be slick. Not doing this puts people at risk of falling, which is unacceptable.

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