There are many products that may be dangerous for children to own, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re violating any laws. However, in some cases, it’s what the products are made of that causes children to fall ill or how the product is made that causes injuries that occur regardless of how the product is used.

There are between 400 and 450 product recalls issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) each year. Certain products are more dangerous than others, so they must be removed from stores and taken back from consumers.

What are some of the most dangerous children’s products?

One of the most dangerous children’s products is children’s jewelry. Why? Depending on where it comes from, it could contain lead or cadmium. Additionally, jewelry is small and could lead to choking.

Another dangerous product is the drop-side crib. These were banned by the CPSC in 2011 due to the severity of the injuries children could face if the crib dropped on them suddenly. Some are still sold at garage sales and secondhand stores, so beware if you bring one into your home.

Another seriously dangerous product is a high-powered magnet. You might think they’re fun, but there is a risk that a child could swallow more than one and have the magnets attempt to migrate toward one another in the body. Companies still sell loose magnet sets, so it’s best not to bring them into the home.

Products that are known to be dangerous shouldn’t be available to small children and should be removed from the market, but they aren’t always. If your child gets hurt, make sure you take a stand.

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