Trucking accidents can happen anywhere in the U.S., but in cities and on highways, they’re more likely to impact people. The good news is that people like yourself can avoid trucking accidents.

A few simple tips make it safer to avoid colliding with a truck or having them collide with you. Here are three tips to remember if you want to stay safe on the roads.

1. Don’t stop abruptly

You might have to stop suddenly for any number of reasons, but if you do, it could mean you’ll end up in a rear-end crash with the vehicle behind you. It’s hard for trucks to stop quickly, so if the truck driver isn’t able to slow down because of a rapid stop, you’ll be more likely to get hit. Fortunately, the other side of this is that no truck driver should be traveling so closely that they don’t have time to stop, a factor that works in your favor.

2. Avoid driving between trucks

Sometimes, it’s impossible not to, but if you can help it, don’t drive between two large trucks. Doing so can narrow the space you have, and leave you vulnerable to being boxed in and gives you little space to maneuver if there’s a problem.

3. Don’t try to pass instead of letting them in

Large trucks have a hard time merging. Don’t try to speed up to get around them; Instead, you should allow them to merge in front of you to avoid a crash.

These three tips can help you avoid accidents. If you’re still hit, you can hold the driver responsible for their errors.

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