Recreational toys are a lot of fun. Things like four-wheelers, Jet Skis and campers can make your vacations and weekends exciting, creating great memories with friends and family. However, they can be extremely dangerous, and they do have the potential to cause injuries and deaths.

Sometimes, you may be victimized by someone else who is negligent when using one of these recreational toys. For example, you might be driving down a rural road when a person on a four-wheeler suddenly drives into the roadway. Similarly, you could be out on your boat when a Jet-Skier crashes into your vessel.

Did you know that many people with recreational toys do have insurance?

Recreational toys are dangerous, and that’s why there is insurance coverage for them. Someone who has a Jet Ski, for example, might have comprehensive, collision or liability coverage. There is not usually a requirement to carry insurance, though, so if you do get hurt by someone driving a recreational vehicle, you might end up having to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered.

What should you do if you’re involved in an accident?

If anyone is injured, or there is significant property damage, it’s important to call 911 and to seek medical care at the scene. Treat the situation the same way you would if you were involved in a car crash, and try to get witnesses to stay at the scene. If you can, take photos of the crash site and get the driver’s information, so you can file a claim with your attorney’s help.

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