Permanent partial disability (“PPD”) is a benefit payable to injured workers wo have had a permanent loss of function due to a work injury. It is the closest thing Minnesota work comp has to “pain and suffering.”

Permanent partial disability ratings are percentages that medical providers (usually doctors) have to assign based on the injured worker’s condition at the end of their healing.

Once a percentage rating is assigned, then that rating translates to money by multiplying the percentage times the statutory amount (set by law). The statutory amounts vary depending on the date of injury. This chart applies to dates of injury on and after 7/1/93.

EXAMPLE: If a doctor assigns a 12.5% permanency rating to an injured worker, then that worker would be entitled to $16,185.63.

12.5% x $129,485 = $16,185.63

PPD ratings are different from Veteran’s Administration ratings.


For injuries on or after July 1, 1993: Minn. Rule 5223.0300-5223.0650 (amended 8/9/10)

For injuries from November 18, 1985 through June 30, 1993: Minn. Rule 5223.0010-5223.0250

State of Minn. Dept. of Labor and Industry info about PPD: MN DOLI PPD

Impairment Rating (%)Amount ($)
less than 5.5114,260
5.5 to less than 10.5121,800
10.5 to less than 15.5129,485
15.5 to less than 20.5137,025
20.5 to less than 25.5139,720
25.5 to less than 30.5147,000
30.5 to less than 35.5150,150
35.5 to less than 40.5163,800
40.5 to less than 45.5177,450
45.5 to less than 50.5177,870
50.5 to less than 55.5181,965
55.5 to less than 60.5209,475
60.5 to less than 65.5237,090
65.5 to less than 70.5264,600
70.5 to less than 75.5292,215
75.5 to less than 80.5347,340
80.5 to less than 85.5402,465
85.5 to less than 90.5457,590
90.5 to less than 95.5512,715
95.5 up to and including 100567,840

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