There are many kinds of children’s products that can pose a threat to your loved ones. Some of these dangerous products may include swings, walkers, bassinets, bunk beds and play yards.

When using these products, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and others trust that the child using them won’t be harmed. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

What can make bassinets, cradles, play yards, bunk beds or other devices dangerous for children?

Some of the most common issues come down to pinching or breaking. For example, if the side of a crib or play yard is designed to slide up or down, it could come loose and fall down. This might result in pinched fingers. In worse-case scenarios, children might get their arms, legs or even their heads trapped in the rails.

Breakage is another issue. With any product, the design should be stable. If it isn’t, it could break while in use. If a swing, for instance, breaks when in use, a child could be thrown to the ground. The swing could hit them as well. Similarly, a child sleeping on a bunk bed could fall or a child under the top bunk could be crushed.

What should you do if your child suffers an injury from a children’s product?

First, seek medical attention. Tell the staff what happened, and then keep the documents for your records. You can report the incident and turn to your attorney to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or designer of the product that harmed your child. Manufacturers should be held liable if a product harms a child.

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