A motor vehicle accident that took place in Minnesota left one person dead, and it may lead to charges for the driver involved. According to the reports, a semitruck rear-ended a truck that was pulling a trailer. This resulted in the trailer and truck entering into a spin while on Highway I-94.

When the truck spun, it entered into a work zone and impacted a 59-year-old man at the scene. The most tragic part of this story is that the incident was completely avoidable.

The authorities reported that there was a Ford F-150 that was traveling east on I-94. The driver of that vehicle slowed for traffic, but the semi did not stop. This caused the collision that pushed its way into the construction zone. Presently, it is known that medical issues were not a cause of the collision, but distractions still could be.

A construction-site inspector living in Rogers admitted that he’s seen multiple close-calls and many incidents that ended like this one. His job is to make sure workers know what can go wrong out in the field, and that includes traffic accidents.

In 2018, there have been 13 work-zone related accidents in Minnesota, the highest number of crashes since 2010. Drivers should face real consequences for making mistakes in these areas, especially because they receive plenty of notice to slow down and pay attention to workers on the road. Some suggest higher fines, but regardless, drivers have to be held liable.

Families of victims have the right to pursue claims against those who hurt their loved ones. It’s only fair to hold those responsible for the collision liable for damages.

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