In Minnesota, workers who are employed have a right to workers’ compensation by law in most cases. If you are hurt on the job, then you can seek workers’ compensation to help cover your medical losses as well as lost wages.

There are some important deadlines you need to know. First, you have only 14 days to notify your employer of your injuries if you wish to receive the maximum benefits. There is also a three-year limit on the ability to recover compensation or determine there was an injury.

You can seek compensation for a loss of wages, which is known as wage-loss. You can receive a portion of your income for a temporary or permanent disability, either partial or full. You are also entitled to vocational services and training that can help you return to work with new skills. These services can also help you return to a new job or employer or help your spouse become self-supporting instead.

In the case that you are killed on the job, your family is entitled to death benefits including the burial costs and wage compensation to your spouse and dependents. It doesn’t matter if you die from a work-related injury or disease; both qualify your dependents and spouse for this benefit.

Most people in Minnesota are covered by workers’ compensation and have the right to seek it after a death or injury. Even if your initial claim is rejected, you can seek an appeal and fight to have the compensation and coverage you need. Workers’ compensation is there for most who are hurt or fall ill because of their jobs.

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