If you’re hurt on the job, you may not be someone who has to stay off the job forever. Many people who suffer injuries do recover over time. If that’s you, then you are able to seek out help with your rehabilitation benefits.

With rehabilitation benefits, you may be able to obtain several services that can help you find the right position for your return to the workforce. It may be that you can no longer do what you did in the past, but you could be entitled to services to help you find a job that suits you as you are today.

What are some services offered for the rehabilitation of workers?

Some of the different services offered include:

  • On-the-job training
  • Labor market surveys
  • Job analysis
  • Transferable skills analysis and testing
  • Interview skills
  • Interview techniques
  • Resume assistance
  • Job search assistance
  • Medical case management
  • Tuition payments for retaining
  • Educational payments for training
  • American with Disabilities Act accommodations
  • Ergonomic assessments and assistance
  • Vocational rehabilitation

The kinds of services you have access to depend on your situation and the state. Minnesota offers vocational rehabilitation, which is designed to help you get back to the job. It may be your former job or a completely different job, depending on your current physical or mental health needs. Some possible assistance provided includes formal retraining, direct job placement and on-the-job training.

If you’re hurt on the job, there are options for getting the care you need, as well as assisting you in getting back to work. Workers’ compensation is there to provide you with what you need.

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